Worlds Smallest Thermal Drone

Worlds Smallest Commercial LWIR Thermal Drone

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The Add-On for Tau 2 cores.

Store raw, radiometric thermal data- with ThermalCapture as extension to your Tau core.

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For Professional Industrial Inspections.

Store RAW, radiometric, thermal data and process them quickly.
Create high level, professional reports for your clients – with high level footage, created with ThermalCapture.

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For Global Wildlife Conservation Work

Prof. Dr. Wich and Prof. Dr. Koh in field tests with conservationdrones and ThermalCapture.

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For Urban Thermal Analyses

Use ThermalCapture to create professional analyses.
Such as in urban areas, to measure temperatures in relevant environments.

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For Environmental Research

Use ThermalCapture within research activites.
Such as environmental researches.

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